Although having the right people is more important than the tools they work with, you have to have both.

New Impact office

As a production company, we have five full-scale editing units, three of which are running on the Avid system and two of which are running on Apple/ Final Cut Pro and Adobe. All units are running on an internal server system and are interconnected through an ultra-fast glass fibre network. This way, our entire database (sound and images) is at the immediate disposal of all of our editors. All editing units can be assigned to any editing room.

When it comes to audio, New Impact has a voice recording booth and a ProTools HD@96kHz system with a Waves plug-in and ADAM monitoring functions.

When it comes to recording images, we are following the trend of the large recording sensors. We have various camera systems at our disposal, e.g. a Sony F3 with prime lenses. As part of the assignment, we also work together with highly qualified freelance personnel, who also have their own recording equipment.