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Media consulting

Independent advice for proven advertising strategies. Our team of experienced professionals provides media consulting services, delivering tailored recommendations to optimise your advertising campaigns and maximise your brand's reach.

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What's a Media Consultant?

Just to clear things up

The job of a Media Consultant is to optimise all media channels to reach the desired target audiences.

  1. Determine the video's target audience

  2. Developing an advertising strategy

  3. Video production (learn more)

  4. Carrying out media planning

  5. Setting up media budgets

  6. Measuring campaign effectiveness

Advertising all over Belgium

Advertising advice

We specialize in assisting agencies in developing and executing video content for their clients. Our optimized processes ensure that our partners and their clients enjoy a smooth project experience. We broaden agencies' video production offerings and maximize the amount of content generated. We'll fill up the gaps and bring your campaigns to life wherever your organization requires assistance.

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Official VIA partner

D-Mat & HD-Mat

Since 2009, the Belgian Association of Audiovisual Media (VIA) has been utilising the HD-Mat standard for encoding and transmitting TV commercials and billboards.

As an official HD-Mat partner acknowledged by VIA, New Impact ensures swift and accurate delivery to all Belgian networks, TV channels, and cinemas.

Delivery pricing

D-Mat & HD-Mat

€85 / version

€35 / network


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“I think New Impact has very warm and welcoming values. It works well with a small team; in fact, when I visited the office, I sensed that vibe as well.”

- Marketing manager, The Fruit Farm Group