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Video production

From concept and planning to filming and editing, post-production, and distribution. We will guide you through each step of your video production.

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Video production for businesses

Offer you can't refuse


We'll discuss your goals and objectives for the project. Next, we'll present you with a proposal that outlines the project's budget, timeline and scope of work. If you accept the proposal, we will then work out the concept for your new video and send it back to you for approval.

Did we press REC?


Once approved, we will begin production and you will receive a production schedule. This is a projected time for when the video will be completed. If filming is scheduled, you are welcome to come and visit the shoot location to watch us turn your vision into reality.

Control + S


Our editors will transform raw footage into a compelling and polished story. You can make comments on our work in progress. When you approve your video edit, we’ll deliver the final video files and celebrate another job successfully completed!

It's done. Ok what now?


Through our network of partners, we offer independent media consulting, develop a tailored advertising strategy and suggest the right media. Additionally, we can collaborate with you to create a social media strategy from scheduling to tracking results.

Video production - Commercials


Delivering award-winning television commercials takes dedication to uncover entertaining and engaging ways to raise a brand’s awareness. From concept to script, from shooting to editing, New Impact has the experience needed to create advertising that captivates and scores.


Corporate videos

Video is one of the most entertaining and efficient ways corporations have to convey messages, showcase new products, demo hardware or software for clients, and leave an impression.



Every day you present information for people to understand. Use animation to engage your audience, connect with them and clarify even the most complex processes.


Web & Social media videos

Videos for websites or social media ask for fast-paced, quick cuts, and dynamic shots. It's crucial to include motion graphics and visual effects, especially given that we're grabbing attention without audio.


Live Streaming events & Webinars

Share your live events with the world. We'll record and edit them on location, even multi camera setup, livestream and interactive Q&A sessions.


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“I've had a great experience working together, and I think the result is excellent. I'm satisfied because New Impact understands our industry and has grown alongside us.

- Marketing manager, Gosselin Group