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Case study


In the face of a severe shortage of young tanker truck drivers, the fuel trading sector needed a compelling promotional strategy to attract and engage the youth. We aimed to create a captivating narrative that highlighted the unique aspects of this career path and showcased the rewards and challenges that come with it.

What we did

We crafted a dynamic, fast-paced video that guided viewers through the steps to become a tanker truck driver with the support of the Social Fund for Fuel Trading. The video featured a young woman's journey, highlighting the excitement and opportunities in this field. Using vibrant colors and diverse video techniques, we created an engaging narrative that resonated with the target audience, ultimately inspiring them to take action and join the sector.


Director: Marco Bolla
Producer: Stephan Van Roey
Director of Photography: Wietse Nys
Stunt Driver: Flore Roose

Editor: Marco Bolla

Cast: Lisa Dauwe & Marco Bolla

NL Voice-over: Valérie Baart
FR Voice-over: Jeanne Remi

Executive Producer: Jean Paul Snoeckx


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